What will your legacy be?

Will your legacy be like the remains of this cabin where once someone lived, raised their children, farmed, hunted? They had dreams, plans, and a vision to build something and make a living. Or will it become overgrown, forgotten and not have any family left to carry on that legacy.

Don’t let your legacy fade into a memory.

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Eternal impact, starting at the bend of the bayou

The boat ride began on a beautiful summer day under the cool shade of live oak trees that spread across the bayou with the sunshine glistening on the water. Pushing the boat to…

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Down Home Thoughts – Again.

Every now and then I have to get back to my North Louisiana piney woods upbringing. I shared these down home thoughts on giving a few years back…

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Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Giving

Logged into my childhood memories is a place that still brings a smile and a warm feeling: Saint Rest Baptist Church on the White Lightning Road. It’s a little red brick, 2 story church…

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