Stewardship for Churches and Ministries

Services for Organizations, Churches & Ministries

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation offers several different services for churches, agencies and institutions associated with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. These range from professional money management to education on estate stewardship.

Professional Investment Management

The Foundation provides short-term cash management and long-term investment/endowment management services to churches, agencies and institutions of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Currently, three separate pools or funds offered by the Foundation, each with a different purpose and objective. These are:


  • Investment objective: Maximize current yields, assume minimal risk
  • Alternative to savings account at banking institutions
  • Competitive interest rate earned on average daily balance
  • Use for cash management /short term investment
  • Daily liquidity via check or electronic transfer
  • No minimum balance

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  • Investment objective: Provide income and long‐term positive return with low volatility and risk
  • Conservative, income‐oriented investment option
  • Asset allocation weighted toward bonds for income, smaller portion in value stocks for diversification/capital growth
  • Subject to market fluctuation
  • Offers monthly liquidity


  • Investment objective: Maximize balanced, diversified total rate of return while assuming conservative, reasonable risk
  • LBF primary investment vehicle for endowment (long‐term) investing
  • Balanced fund of primarily stocks with smaller portions of bonds, cash.
  • Alternative investments (MLP’s, covered calls, preferred stock, etc.) are also utilized
  • Subject to market fluctuation
  • Offers monthly liquidity

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Education on Estate Stewardship

The Foundation provides opportunities for churches and organizations to learn more about Estate Stewardship and Planned Giving.

Pulpit Opportunities and Small Group

Dr. Jeffrey Steed, the LBF Executive Director, is available to present a message of stewardship to your congregation that includes stewardship of personal assets and property. The message can be presented during Sunday morning or evening worship as well as mid-week services.
Also a Foundation representative can deliver a presentation of Estate Stewardship to senior adult gatherings, small group meetings or other interested groups in your church.

The foundation currently offers two seminars for churches. These can be tailored to the size group and schedule of your ministry; House In Order – Approximately 45-50 minutes that discussed the Biblical aspects of personal stewardship in the context of the entirety of a person or family’s assets.
Estate Stewardship Workshop – Interactive workshop to encourage members to begin or complete the process of creating an estate plan that cares for family, but may also leave a legacy

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Gift Administration and Passthrough Gifts

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation provides several services to churches and their members in administration of gifts.

Trust, Endowment and Scholarship Management
If your church has been the recipient of an endowment, has a scholarship fund or other restricted use fund, the Foundation can assist you in managing these assets. The Foundation can provide investment management tailored to the need of the fund and provide accounting, reporting and disbursement service as well.

Pass Through Gifts
Donor’s often desire to make gifts of assets other than cash, usually in the form of stock or real estate. The Louisiana Baptist Foundation can assist Louisiana Baptist churches and institutions with these situations.
The Foundation can receive the asset, effect the sale, then after deducting any costs associated with the sale, pass the net proceeds through to the ministry chosen by the donor.

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