IRA Charitable Rollover/Qualified Charitable Distributions

IRA Charitable Rollover/Qualified Charitable Distribution Form

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation receives gifts on behalf of Louisiana Baptist churches, institutions, and organizations, as well as accounts managed on behalf of donors. To ensure your qualified charitable distribution is properly transferred to the LBF account, please follow the instructions and fill out the information below.

Please provide the following information to the Louisiana Baptist Foundation:

Donor Name
Donor Address
MM slash DD slash YYYY

A qualified charitable distribution is not a tax-deductible charitable contribution like a gift of cash, securities, and other similar assets. However, it may count towards the annual IRA required minimum distribution and not deemed taxable income for you. You may receive a Form 1099 from your IRA custodian reflecting the qualified charitable distribution. Please consult your tax advisor to ensure this gift is properly reflected in your tax return.

Please provide the name of the Louisiana Baptist Foundation Account or Church/Ministry that will receive the sale proceeds.

Address of Church/Ministry

If you would rather print out the instructions to provide to your IRA custodian, you can do so by clicking the button below.