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Louisiana Legacy: Family and Kingdom

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation encourages Believers to meet the needs of their families and impact God’s Kingdom now and for generations to come.

The Louisiana Legacy newsletter is available each quarter with relevant information for families and ministries. Churches can use the monthly content for printed and electronic publications.

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New Law, New Charitable Planning Opportunities


On December 29, 2022, President Biden signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, providing new charitable planning opportunities related to retirement plans.

Under the new law, the annual limit for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) will be increased annually starting in 2024, indexed for inflation.

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“Special Gifts” Form – Church News

This form can be used by your church or ministry to inform your members and supporter how they can benefit your ministry with gifts other than cash.

Customize the .PDF form by adding your church/ministry name at the top and contact information at the bottom.  If you prefer a Word .doc format, please Contact Us to receive it by email.

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What will your legacy be?

Will your legacy be like the remains of this cabin where once someone lived, raised their children, farmed, hunted? They had dreams, plans, and a vision to build something and make a living. Or will it become overgrown, forgotten and not have any family left to carry on that legacy.

Don’t let your legacy fade into a memory.

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Eternal impact, starting at the bend of the bayou

More than just church news. The boat ride began on a beautiful summer day under the cool shade of live oak trees that spread across the bayou with the sunshine glistening on the water. Pushing the boat to…

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Down Home Thoughts – Again

Every now and then I have to get back to my North Louisiana piney woods upbringing. I shared these down home thoughts on giving a few years back…

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Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Giving

Logged into my childhood memories is a place that still brings a smile and a warm feeling: Saint Rest Baptist Church on the White Lightning Road. It’s a little red brick, 2 story church…

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