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ChurchBiz Cube

The ChurchBiz Cube is a ministry tool created by the Louisiana Baptist Foundation to assist churches in six different areas through toolkits. The six toolkits include useful information on the following: Expanding a Church Campus, Increasing Efficiencies/Maximizing Impact, Increasing Gifts Now and Later, Stewarding Cash Reserves, Emergency Savings Fund/Insurance Reserves, and New Church Plant/Satellite Campus.

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LBF Overview

Numerous state ministries are working to spread the Gospel and provide for those in need. Many are bi-vocational pastors diligently leading their churches and laboring throughout the community. Some minister to mothers facing unplanned pregnancies or provide support and resources to foster families. Others are ministering to international workers and students or meeting the physical needs of those within their community. And countless others strive to make Christ known and Advance the Kingdom through various avenues across our state.

At the Foundation, we’ve been commissioned by Louisiana Baptists to provide resources to help ministries like yours Advance the Kingdom. We do this primarily through money management, church business, and gift planning.

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Louisiana Legacy: Family and Kingdom

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation encourages Believers to meet the needs of their families and impact God’s Kingdom now and for generations to come.

Louisiana Legacy is a quarterly gift-planning newsletter published by the Louisiana Baptist Foundation with the purpose of providing churches with content they can use for their own church newsletters.

In addition to this, Louisiana Legacy is intended to provide individuals with information that encourages and prompts them in their giving to the local church and other ministries.

Current and past LA Legacy newsletter content can be found here!

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New Law, New Charitable Planning Opportunities


On December 29, 2022, President Biden signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, providing new charitable planning opportunities related to retirement plans.

Under the new law, the annual limit for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) will be increased annually starting in 2024, indexed for inflation.

Read the full news release here!

News Release